PES Women President and Estonian Social Affairs Minister call for immediate action on Equal Pay


Helmen Kutt, Zita Gurmai and Marianne Mikko

During her visit to Estonia, Zita Gurmai, PES Women President met with Social Affairs Minister Helmen Kütt and discussed the worrying existing gender pay gap in Estonia.

They agreed that we can not longer ignore the gender pay gap in Estonia (30%) or anywhere else across Europe, where on average we witness a difference of 16% between women and men. 
Zita Gurmai warned that 'Ignoring the gender pay gap is accepting that women work 100 days longer in Estonia to do the same work as their male colleagues. If we do not tackle this now, not only will the pay gap widen, but also the pension gender pay gap (39% on average in EU) at will widen and push women even more into poverty."
Marianne Mikko, PES Women Executive Member and MEP candidate stated that "The situation regarding the gender pay gap has worsened in last 10 years in Estonia. But I have great expectations from the recently formed new government as for the first time ever, the Government is dealing with the pay gap and has included it in the coalition agreement. This allows us to demand for a greater push in order to get out of this disgraceful bottom position and at least push for the European average levels." 
For PES Women together along with the PES and Martin Schulz PES Common Candidate  closing the Gender Pay Gap is a priority for 2014 European Election under the Slogan 'Equal Pay it's about time!'