PES Women executive members discuss BSP's Istanbul Convention stance


PES Women

Today in Brussels, the PES Women Executive discussed the disappointing position of the Bulgarian Socialist Party to reject the ratification of the Istanbul Convention. The discussion took place in the presence of BSP deputy chairperson Denitsa Zlateva.

PES Women Executive members expressed their deepest regrets about the decision of the Bulgarian party, which is a full member of PES.

Zita Gurmai said:

"Women who are victims of any type of violence in Bulgaria should feel protected and supported by the socialist party in their country. I cannot think of a better way to extend this protection -- rights for women victims of violence -- than to ratify the Istanbul Convention.

"The position of the Bulgarian Socialists Party against the ratification is thus impossible to understand. It is a matter of defending socialist values."

Zita Gurmai expressed the hope of PES Women that the leadership of the Bulgarian Socialist Party will reconsider its position. She offered to work with the BSP and civil society organisations in Bulgaria so that the ratification of the Convention will be a success and a real tool for combating all types of violence against women.

The PES Women executive board also drafted upcoming campaigns, including on European Equal Pay Day at the end of February. One of the organisation’s priorities is to close the gender pay gap in Europe and in the world. As well as conducting equal pay campaigns and initiatives several times per year, PES Women also speaks for and represents the most vulnerable groups in society.