PES Women welcomes Ouafa Hajji as new President of Socialist International Women


Ouafa Hajji, Zita Gurmai, Marije Laffeber

The Party of European Socialists (PES) Women congratulates Ouafa Hajji (Socialist Union of Popular Forces, Morocco) on her appointment as President of the Socialist International Women (SIW). The election took place on August 27 at the 20th SIW Congress in Cape Town, South Africa. PES Women also sends its warm congratulations to Marije Laffeber(Labour Party, Netherlands), who will be the new Secretary General of the organization.

The President of PES Women Zita Gurmaiunderlined that this election will play a major role in; “strengthening the SIW position within the Socialist International and on the global political scene. Ouafa's career and engagements are an inspiration for women in the Arab world and beyond. In the same way, Marije’s long-standing international commitment to the progressive family and Feminist movement is a sign of our commitment to the highest professional standards. I am convinced that their fresh, new initiatives will prove to be a powerful instrument for gender equality and women's rights”.

She added that “PES Women is looking forward to continue its cooperation with SIW, as many common challenges, such as Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, improving women’s representation in politics and combating violence against women, remain to be adequately tackled, both in Europe and across the globe”.

PES Women President also wanted to pay a tribute to the work started by Pia Locatelli, outgoing SIW President, and Marlène Haas, outgoing SIW Secretary General. Zita Gurmai described their tenure as; “long years of fruitful work”.