PES activists contributions



PES activists are members of PES member parties that are active on European level. We can proudly state that we are the only European Party that has 20,000 grassroots activists from all Member States and there are even more than 80 local groups connected to the PES activists city group network. In the forerun to the Congress, the PES has received written contributions by some PES activists. We would like to present their ideas here as “food for thought” for future debates on European Social Democracy. Feel free to add your view by commenting on this blog post. 27 Roses – Prague PES Congress and European activism - letter to Martine Aubry 27 Roses – Thematical contribution: economy, ecology, social Paris federation contribution to the PES Congress in Prague Motion of the eurosocialists in Geneva PES Lille group - A unique social democratic candidate to the Presidency of the European Commission