PES against the withdrawal of Hatip Dicle’s mandate and other Turkish MPs


protestors carry a huge picture of Kurdish candidate Hatip Dicle during a rally

The Turkish Supreme Electoral Board decided on June 21th to take away the mandate of Hatip Dicle in the Turkey Great National Assembly. The board determined that he could not hold office while being imprisoned, whereas before he was allowed to be a candidate. Hatip Dicle is not the only candidate elected who was removed from his mandate during the last weeks.

A series of judicial decisions barred eight others from attending parliament because they were in prison. BDP and CHP opposition parties argue that the jailed MPs are entitled to parliamentary immunity because they are still on trial and have not been convicted. The CHP won 135 seats and BDP 36 seats in the 550-seat parliament.

Following these decisions, CHP and BDP refused to attend the opening session of parliament on 28th June. The removal could serve political purposes as the ruling AKP could now pick up additional seats in Parliament. The PES condemns the decision and calls for an immediate redemption of the deprivation of Hatip Dicle’s mandate.

As PES Secretary General, Philip Cordery, stated: “Hatip Dicle has been elected by over 78.000 people; removing him from his representative duty means disrespecting people’s votes. These MPs should have their rights guaranteed”.