PES congratulates Portuguese Partido Socialista on historic election result


Lisbon City Hall

The PES warmly congratulates Partido Socialista from Portugal on its landslide victory in the local elections, where it set a new record in both votes earned and city councils won, including 10 out of 17 major cities.

These results strengthen our faith that elections can be won by sticking firmly to our core values of social justice and offering voters a strong social agenda.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

"This is an outstanding result for PS and for progressive forces in general. It reflects the confidence of a clear majority of voters in the competence of local candidates standing for PS, as well as overall satisfaction with the way PS is leading the country, putting an end to the austerity policies of previous years.

"I warmly congratulate PS, António Costa and all elected mayors and councillors."

In a letter to António Costa, Mr Stanishev added:

"Today, your party is synonymous with a better life for the Portuguese people. This result is a confirmation of the great work you have been doing in recent years as prime minister."

Read the full text of the letter.