PES delegation participates in the FEPS Seminar "Ones to watch" in Ljubljana


Marije Laffeber, Ernst Stetter, Jo Leinen

PES deputy secretary general Marije Laffeber led a delegation to visit our member party SD in Slovenia. The delegation met with Slovenian president Borut Pahor, who is leading in the polls for this October's elections, and with SD president Dejan Židan.

The meetings were part of a wider framework organised by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS).

In cooperation with think tank Progresiva and the PES, FEPS organised a public debate on Democracy in Europe which was attended by the SD Slovenia leadership, MEPs and young political leaders from CEE region.

In the expert public debate on the future of EU electoral lawMarije Laffeber said:

"European cooperation needs a strong democratic legitimation. Every European election should be a step forward in the further democratisation and politisation of Europe.

"The Common Candidate process in 2014 was a huge step, but as progressives we must continue to further develop new ideas together with our memberparties and work together for those in Europe."