PES endorses Boris Tadic as ‘the clear choice’ in Serbian Presidential run off


Boris Tadic

The second round of the Serbian Presidential elections will take place on May 20th between Boris Tadic (Democratic Party) and Tomislav Nikolic (Serbian Progressive Party). The PES believes that Boris Tadic is the obvious candidate to lead Serbia in the coming years.

PES President Sergei Stanishev stated that “Boris Tadic is the clear choice for Serbian President. Under his leadership, the DS party has placed Serbia on a steady path of social progress. He is ticking all the boxes for EU accession and he is leading the fight against corruption and organized crime”. Mr. Stanishev added that; “Boris’ leadership is allowing Serbia to make a clean break from the nationalistic mistakes of the past”.

Kristian Vigenin, Chair of the PES Task Force on Western Balkan Enlargement, said: "The vote on Sunday has shown that President Tadic remains Serbia's most popular political figure. The impressive achievements accomplished by the Democratic Party under his leadership have been acknowledged by the voters. I am confident that the Serbian people will confirm the European path of Serbia, giving the victory to Boris Tadic in the second round of the elections."

Under the leadership of Mr. Tadic, Serbia has made great advancements and have secured EU Candidate Status.