PES expresses its concerns about human rights in Turkey


The Party of European Socialists is deeply concerned about the extent of the reprisals that are being carried out in Turkey. The PES clearly condemned the coup from the outset but European Socialists and Democrats are now worried about the current situation in the country.

The PES expresses its deep concern about the possibility that a massive violation of human rights may be taking place in Turkey. The huge number of people who have been detained since the attempted coup should be treated according to all the human rights’ conventions. The PES will be monitoring all reports in this respect.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said: “Human rights and separation of powers are as important to democracy as the free elections and respecting will of the people. There are thousands of ordinary public servants, teachers and academics who have been detained, fired from work or banned from traveling abroad.  We hope that each of those cases will be processed separately with respect to the rule of law and civil rights.”

As Sergei Stanishev has underlined, the PES believes that democracy should not only be upheld during elections: “We strongly supported the Turkish institutions against the coup because we believe in the free will of Turkish people but democracy is also about the separation of powers, the rule of law and fundamental freedoms such as freedom of expression. The further crackdown on the Internet confirms our worst suspicions about the authoritarian direction that Turkey is moving in. This will only lead to Turkey and the EU moving further apart.” 

Stanishev also commented on the statement President Erdogan made yesterday criticizing EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini of not visiting Turkey after the attempted coup. “She was one of the first EU Officials to react against the coup in support of the democratically elected government in Turkey. At the same time her wise words on the rule of law have evidently not been listened in Ankara otherwise, we would not be facing such a dramatic situation in Turkey.  President Erdogan should understand that his threats will never work against European leaders who are strong supporters of democratic principles and human rights", Stanishev said.