PES leaders join forces against violence and radicalism ahead of European Council



“If we want to eradicate extremism, security and inclusiveness must go hand in hand”, says PES President The Party of European Socialists (PES) held today the European Council Preparatory meeting in Brussels, where PES leaders, Prime Ministers, Head of States and EU Commissioners condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and discussed the development of a comprehensive European strategy to counter these and other acts of violence and radicalism in the continent.

PES President Sergei Stanishev stated: “In order to eradicate extremism, the PES family will join forces and cooperate on two fronts that go hand in hand: the need to protect the security of all our citizens and the need to create inclusive societies where everyone is given a chance. By fully respecting our fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, and by promoting inclusion through education and strong policies, we will be able to honour the motto of the European Union and be truly united in diversity”.

Other key issues of the meeting were the strengthening of the Economic and Monetary Union, the latest developments in Ukraine and the political situation in Greece.

Sergei Stanishev underlined that; “the past elections in Greece were a clear vote against austerity and the Troika. The PES has been fighting against this austerity-only approach for a long time, and now we must step up our fight for a different Europe and engage in a constructive dialogue that reconciles three core principles: the respect for democracy, for certain fundamental commitments and for the unity and cohesion of the Eurozone. Together, we can achieve a successful outcome of the Greek debt crisis, in the interest of Greek people and of all Europeans”.

On 21 February, PES and PSOE will organise the PES Leaders meeting in Madrid, where the fight against extremism and the development of a progressive strategy for growth and jobs will be the main points of the event.