PES meets young socialist activists and leading progressives in Argentina and Chile


Speaking at IUSY Argentina

On behalf of the PES, deputy secretary general Marije Laffeber addressed young progressive activists and politicians from more than 50 countries in Rosario Argentina on the subject of common challenges and opportunities for progressive politics.

Her speech was delivered at the annual World Council of the International Union of Socialist Youth in Rosario, Argentina, where resolutions were debated and approved on subjects ranging from fighting right-wing populism to tackling the root causes of migration.

As well as addressing the plenary, Ms Laffeber also led a panel discussion on internationalism and youth, with the participation of young people from all over Latin America. The debate focussed on reconnecting with young voters and activists of the Milennial generation.

In separate meetings, Ms Laffeber also met with Mónica Fein, the socialist Mayor of Rosario and Santa Fe governor Miguel Lifschitz, as well as other leaders of the Partido Socialista de Argentina, including PS Secretary General Alfredo Lazzaretti.

She also travelled to Chile to join the PS there, on the day the party members elected new leadership in a nationwide members' referendum on 26 March. She met with representatives of PS Chile, amongst whom were PS President Isabel Allende and Alvaro Elizalde, who received the most votes as members of the new board.

Ms Laffeber said:

"Establishment parties, including social democracy, are going through difficult times. Now more than ever a strong international platform is key. The PES has a long tradition of working together with parties in Latin America and with the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) -- in the past through Socialist International, and now in the Progressive Alliance, but also bilaterally.

"We need to refine our political project, reconnect with younger generations and invest in revitalising participatory democracy. The exchange with our progressive friends in Latin America in this regard is crucial and enriching. Together we stand stronger!"