PES members discuss sustainable development goals



PES members gathered yesterday in London for a meeting to discuss the sustainable development goals. "2015 will be a crucial year for development", said Mary Creagh, Labour MP and Shadow Minister for Development. "As progressive parties, it’s important to exchange views and establish priorities. We need to display ambition and resolve to create a more equal global society".

The fight against inequality and global warming remain top priorities for progressives, along with human rights, decent work and democratic governance. "The sustainable development goals are not about charity from north to south, they concern all of us", said Danish Development Minister Mogens Jensen, a key speaker at the meeting. He also emphasized the importance of corporate social responsibility and policy coherence.

PES members discussed both the European and national positions on the Sustainable Development Goals, and decided to strengthen cooperation and coordination between member parties.

The meeting was attended by representatives from LP UK; SD Denmark, SAP Sweden, SPO Austria; SPD Germany; PASOK Greece; MSZP Hungary; LP Ireland; PvdA the Netherlands; DNA Norway; Fatah Palestine and PSOE Spain. The PES was represented by Presidency members Jan Royall and Ruairi Quinn and Deputy-Secretaries General Giacomo Filibeck and Marije Laffeber.