PES supports large demonstration in Skopje



On Sunday PES President Sergei Stanishev addressed a rally in Skopje for democracy and peace attended by large crowds of 50 – 60 thousand people.

Sergei Stanishev addressed the crowds: "I went to Skopje not to teach or preach, but to listen. And I heard loud and clear the voices calling for democracy and peace. Across the political and ethnic divides, people were united for a free press, social justice, and against censorship."

Sergei Stanishev praised the leader of our sister party SDSM. "Zoran Zaev has been courageous in his defence of freedom of speech and civil liberties – we stand in solidarity with him and his comrades as they defend democracy.’  He added ‘On behalf of the PES family I wish to send condolences to the families of people killed by terrorists in Kumanovo. We want their country to be peaceful, stable, democatic and European Macedonia."

Representing all the PES family in solidarity with Macedonian civil society and opposition, Sergei Stanishev was joined by Social Democrats MEPs Knut FLECKENSTEIN and Richard HOWITT on behalf of the S&D Group in the European Parliament and Swedish MPs Pyry NIEMI and Jasenko OMANOVIC from PES Swedish member party SAP.