PES welcomes postponement of elections in FYR of Macedonia and calls for full implementation of Przhino Agreement


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The Party of European Socialists welcomes the vote of the Assembly of the Republic of the FYR of Macedonia to postpone the elections initially scheduled for 5th of June, after a decision of country’s Constitutional Court. This opens the path for an inclusive dialogue between all local parties in line with the Przino Agreement, and gives more chances for preparing a fair and democratic elections.

All the elements of the Przino Agreement have to be respected, including the scheduling of early parliamentary elections to be organized by the Government envisaged in the EU-brokered agreement.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said: “We welcome the vote of the Parliament. It’s a new beginning of the path for a long-lasting solution, through free, democratic and truly fair elections. We have been closely following the events in FYR of Macedonia since last year, when I was there with a delegation from the S&D group, as well as a few times this year me and other high level PES representatives have held meetings with our partners from SDSM in Skopje.

The PES continues to call on the majority party - VMRO-DPMNE – to address our concerns in order to truly contribute to prepare real democratic election, namely: the fraud allegations relating to the electoral roll, the lack of media freedom, the general climate of intimidation against the opposition and the President’s power to pardon the crimes associated with the wiretap scandal.
“Solving these problems is a pre-condition for new elections and is essential for the country to regain the necessary stability and its European perspective”, Sergei Stanishev said.