Progressive Education Ministers reaffirm support for young people


PES Education Ministerial

Education Ministers and party representatives of the Party of European Socialists (PES) met today ahead of the Education Council. They discussed the core principles of the PES political family in the field of education and identified the key political actions which will achieve those.

PES Vice President Katarína Neved'alová commented: “For us as social democrats, education is central. It is key to ensure that the next generation is properly prepared to engage in society and in the labour market. But it is much more than that, it is a tool for personal and societal development. The EU has a very important role to play in supporting policies that promote quality education with universal access, for active citizenship, equality, professional development and lifelong learning.

Ministers discussed the PES ‘Marshall Plan for European Youth’, which will shortly see a high level launch. Ministers focused in particular on the Education pillar of the Plan which will detail ways of helping people engage in education throughout their lives.

Ministers also exchanged views on the agenda of the Education Ministers meeting in the Council of the EU. Topics that Ministers will discuss include follow-up to the Paris Declaration on promoting citizenship and fundamental values through education and a debate on the “New Skills Agenda for Europe” initiative.


Photos from the meeting