Progressive European Ministers discuss European progressive strategy


PES Ministers

The European Ministers from the Party of European Socialists discussed how to push forward a progressive European agenda with concrete measures. The Ministers met in Paris on 14 November, upon invitation of Minister for European Affairs Harlem Désir, and discussed on accelerating economic growth, promoting social cohesion and creating a durable European approach to address the migration challenge.

The French Minister for European Affairs and Chair of the PES GAC Ministers’ Network, Harlem Désir, commented after the meeting:

After the Brexit, the election of Donald Trump is a huge challenge for Europe. We must take a stand in favor of a strong and progressive Europe. That is why decided to gathered my progressive colleagues in Paris today to discuss a common strategy for the future of Europe. Today’s meeting follows those held in Roma (July 2016) and Athens (September 2016). As Europe is facing so many challenges, we have to decide what future we want to build together. Our political family believes that Europe must care for its people, protect then, improve their wellbeing and put their interests first. We have to strengthen Europe to promote its values and its interests throughout the world. We believe that solidarity should stay a core value of the relaunch of the European Union. Europe must be a source of security, progress and protection. It is our responsibility to relaunch the European project."

The Swedish Minister of EU Affairs and Trade Ann Linde said: "Now, even more then before, there is a need for stronger social security, better welfare and decent work for european citizens, not at least the youth. In times of right wing populism we as progressives and socialdemocrats need to deliver positive changes in peoples every day life."

Michael Roth, German Minister of State for Europe added: "Social justice is at the centre of our progressive alliance. Particularly the young people being unemployed need a perspective and hope. Delivering concrete results will be the best protection against rising populism. Our democracy and our values need our joint courage now".

The meeting was also attended by:

Harlem Désir

Minister of State for European Affairs Chair


Michael Roth

Minister of State for Europe


Theodoros Papatheodorou (observer)

Member of Parliament

Greece, PASOK

Sandro Gozi

State Secretary for European Affairs


Ian Borg

Parliamentary Secretary for EU funds and 2017 Presidency


Margarida Marques

State Secretary for European Affairs


Ann Linde

Minister of EU Affairs and Trade


Enrique Guerrero

Vice President of the S&D Group

S&D Group in the EP

Yonnec Polet

Deputy Secretary General



Adopted common paper during the meeting

Photos of the meeting can be check here.