Sergei Stanishev meets with Mustapha Ben Jafar



Sergei Stanishev, PES President, met this afternoon with Mustapha Ben Jafar, leader of Tunisian social democratic party Ettakatol and the President of the Tunisian Constituent Assembly.

During a wide-ranging meeting the two discussed the prospective of uniting the social democratic parties of Tunisia, something which Sergei Stanishev expressed his full support for. “It is crucial for the democratic life of Tunisia to have a strong, united and social democratic party”.

They also discussed the politics of the region including the situation in Libya and the importance of finding a solution to the political crisis there. On the subject of the EU-Tunisia trade agreement Sergei Stanishev said:

“The relationship between Tunisia and the EU is strengthening every day, and Ettakatol is a solid partner of the PES. The EU-Tunisia free trade agreement is an important tool for deepening the relationship between us. This Free Trade Agreement promises has to be beneficial to people in the EU and in Tunisia. Given that Tunisia is going through an economic transition, and the inequalities between the two partners, we must ensure that the agreement is fair and allows Tunisia to have a sustainable economic development. Transparency, and the inclusion of civil society in the agreement negotiations are vital to making the agreement fair.”