Social Democrats gain in Swiss parliamentary elections



The Party of European Socialists (PES) congratulates the Social democratic Party (SP) of Switzerland for the positive results in the parliamentary election of 23 October. In a climate of general loss of voters among all the national parties, the SP remained the second party of the country and strengthened its position with 4 more seats in the National Council. The conservatives were the most affected by the poll results: the largest political party, the Swiss People’s Party (SVP), characterized by its opposition to immigration and the European integration, lost 8 seats in the lower house.

Regarding the result of the elections, PES General Secretary Philip Cordery emphasized that; “after 20 years of conservative gain in Switzerland, this shift in the political balance of the country is not a mere coincidence. The electoral penalty for the conservatives is the cost of their populist discourse and xenophobic measures. A profound social change is already on the way, both in Switzerland and Europe, and the whole world is witnessing its first steps”.