Social Democrats propose solutions to social issues facing youth


Pervenche Beres chairs PES Social Europe Network

High level representatives of the Party of European Socialists (PES) met today in Brussels to discuss hot topics in the field of employment and social affairs, with a particular focus on issues facing young people in Europe. Practical solutions were proposed as part of a Plan for European youth – a major PES project to provide answers to young people’s issues in employment, including through the Youth Guarantee, education and culture as well as to the growing issue of child poverty.

The PES Social Europe Network serves as a platform for social-democratic parties to debate, coordinate, and develop concrete proposals for a more social Europe. Its work is focussed on issues such as fostering the social dimension of the Economic and Monetary Union, ensuring decent minimum wages in Europe, and work-life balance.

Pervenche Berès, the Chair of the Network stated: “We, European Socialists and Democrats will not sit idly by while so many young people suffer in unemployment and exclusion. Today, more than 25% of young people in Europe are unemployed, or on the edge of social exclusion. We should not allow an entire generation to be sacrificed. It is our responsibility, today, to provide them with decent jobs and education, so that we all have a brighter tomorrow. Our Plan for the European Youth is the right tool to make it happen.

The PES Plan for the European Youth will be the cornerstone of PES policies for months to come, with the overall aim of making youth a clear priority, both politically and in terms of funding, to give young people in Europe prospects for building a better future, for insuring their independence, and regaining their confidence in the EU.

Other participants to the meeting were:

- Joachim Schuster, MEP (DE) ,SPD, Germany (S&D)
- Tibor Szanyi, MEP (HU), MSZP, Hungary (S&D)
- Javi López, MEP (ES), PSC, Spain (S&D)
- Yasmine Kherbache, MP, SPa, Belgium
- Philip Cordery, MP, PS France
- Raimo Pärssinen, MP, SAP, Sweden
- Romaric Bullier,Head of Department, Department of Production and distribution of wealth, PS France
- Laura Gies, President, SP Group Brussels, SP Switzerland
- Chris Peeters, Dutch Labour Party Delegate, PvdA, the Netherlands                                      
- Olga Fotinou, Political Advisor, CoR
- Neva Grasic, Vice-President, YES
- Ignacio Doreste, Youth Coordinator, ETUC
- Elva Bova, Senior Economist, FEPS
- Ania Skrzypek, Senior Research Fellow, FEPS
- Irina De Sancho Alonso, EMPL Advisor, S&D
- Eva Sanjuan, CULT Advisor, S&D
- Ivaylo Dimitrov, Political Advisor, S&D
- Constantin Kourkoulas, Head of European Policy Unit, PES