Stanishev calls for end of ‘austerity only’ policy at State of the Union debate


Sergei Stanishev - State of the Union debate

The President of the Party of European Socialists, Sergei Stanishev, called for an end of the 'austerity only' policy at the debate of the State of the European Union at the European Parliament:

"The Brexit and the lack of solidarity in tackling the refugee and migration crises are just the symptoms but, in order to help the European Union, you need to address the root causes. They are in the fact that in the 5 years of the Barroso Commission, the social Europe fell victim to the austerity only policy", he told the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

A way forward after the Brexit will be discussed in Bratislava on Friday at the PES council preparation meeting.

Stanishev recalled the pledge of a Europe with 'social triple A standards' made by Juncker after taking office and regretted that it has not been put to practice. He pointed at the youth unemployment specifically: "I would urge you one more time to address seriously the issue of Youth in the European Union. Our political family has put forward a European Youth Plan, with four clear pillars: jobs, education, culture and child’s rights. If you make this a reality, then there’s a good chance that Europe will recover the confidence of its citizens."