The European dream prevails in Italy

30/09/2018 - The PES is proud of Democratic Party in Italy for showing the true strength of the opposition

PD Italy demonstration

The Party of European Socialists is proud of its member the Democratic Party (PD) in Italy, which today managed to show to the populist government in Rome that democracy, freedom and European values are in the very heart of the citizens

Tens of thousands gathered at the symbolic Piazza del Popolo in Rome, led by Partito Democratico, to express their discontent and disagreement with the current populist government.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

“The enormous number of people demonstrating at the Piazza del Popolo today proves that the it’s Italian government and not the Italian citizens that wants to distance itself from the values of democracy, solidarity and equality in Europe.  Italy is the among the cradle of the European civilization and a key defender of European values and it is not up to the current populist government to deprive the country and its citizens from that legacy. I am proud that our friends from Partito Democratico and it’s leader Maurizio Martina managed to prove that to the world today with their largely attended demonstration. The PES stands firmly for their cause.”