The Party

PES President election

The Party of European Socialists (PES) brings together the Socialist, Social Democratic, Labour and Democratic Parties from all over the European Union, UK and Norway. Together with 33 full member parties and 12 associate and 12 observer parties, we fight for a better and more progressive Europe.

Our mission is to shape progressive European policies and make Europe work for its people. As a major political force in Europe, we define and adopt common policies to promote economic and social justice, fundamental rights and a better life for everyone in Europe.

We are millions of supporters working for a progressive Europe and helping elect social democrats across Europe to state governments and the European Union Institutions. In our everyday work we are strengthening our movement in the European Union and its member states, contributing to forming a European awareness and to expressing the political will of the citizens, defining common policies for the European Union, influencing the decisions of the European institutions and leading the European election campaign with common values and candidates.

From our foundation in 1992, our fights have shaped us as a strong progressive movement promoting true gender equality, job creation, international solidary, growth, worker rights, social protection, progressive migration policies and green societies that respect the environment. Our movement continues to unite and shape a better future for Europe.