PES Congress



Madrid, 2019 - PES Election Congress

The PES Election Congress will take place on 22-23 February in Madrid.

Co-hosted by the PSOE, the Congress will elect the Common Candidate and adopt the PES Manifesto ahead of the European elections of 23-26 May.



Lisbon, 2018

The 11th PES Congress took place on 7-8 December in Lisbon.

The Congress approved eight main resolutions tackling key issues facing Europe today, such as the rights or workers in the digital economy, the need for more Social Europe, the transition to environmentally sustainable communities, gender equality and many other issues. These resolutions will form the basis of the PES manifesto for the 2019 European elections.

In addition, the Congress acclaimed Frans Timmermans, PES Spitzenkandidat designate (common candidate), who will lead European progressives in 2019 European elections. 


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