04/07/2016 In memoriam: Michel Rocard

The PES sends its PS France comrades its deepest condolences on the death of Michel Rocard. European social democracy lost one of its most prominent figures. Mr. Rocard played a major role leading the French government between 1988-91 and left a strong legacy with the adoption of the minimum income (Revenu Minimum d’Insertion, RMI). Later on he became the First Secretary of the Parti Socialiste, the first to be elected by Congress delegates.


17/06/2016 Italian Finance Minister to chair PES Finance Ministers Network

Italian Finance Minister, Pier Carlo Padoan is the new chair of the Finance Ministers Network of the Party of European Socialists. Ahead of the ECOFIN Council meeting in Luxembourg he chaired his first meeting, at which Ministers committed to continue hard working for a stable banking sector that puts citizens' needs first.


15/06/2016 We are fighting tax havens and aggressive tax planning

Tax evasion is not a new issue, but the Panama Papers shed a light on the huge scale of fraud and money transferred to tax havens. Tax evasion means that each year 1 trillion ( euros are lost to society. Money that should be used for the benefit of all - health, education, community services, etc. - is instead remaining to the pockets of those who have the most.It is time to take action and make sure that a fair system is put into place and that those who have more contribute to the society as everyone contributes his/hers fair share to society.