Energy & Environment


The PES stands for a sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally-aware Europe. We believe that the EU must be at the forefront of protecting nature and its resources and the fight against pollution and climate change. This requires both close cooperation with our global partners and leading by example. Production, consumption and mobility patterns must change and the use of recycling must improve. In these ways, we can lessen pressure on scarce natural resources and help citizens to reduce their energy bills and ecological footprints. We are also fighting energy poverty with the goal to guarantee minimum access to energy for everyone.

We are working with our member parties, ministers, Commissioners and partners in civil society organisations to achieve further binding targets on the reduction of carbon emissions, increase the use of renewable energy and improve energy efficiency through a progressive energy union.

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Energy union

We support the creation of more unified European energy market for secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy. We want the European Union to be a leader in climate protection by fostering the creation of a progressive Energy Union that promotes the rapid and fair transition to a sustainable, decarbonised economy based on renewable sources, energy efficiency and the phasing-out of fossil fuels. In this transition, we will prioritise green job creation and green investment opportunities, ensuring that energy is affordable for all citizens.


Fighting energy poverty

The PES stands for the creation of a social Energy Union. Energy should be affordable for everyone, but today 1 in 10 Europeans cannot afford to properly heat their homes. Energy poverty must come to an end. We are calling for European rules to help consumers bring down their energy bills: targeted efficiency measures on energy-poor households; improved consumer information and strengthening consumer rights; an enhanced ability for consumers to switch providers; and public investment in efficiency measures and the self-generation of household energy.


Climate protection

In countries at all stages of development, including in Europe, the consequences of global warming are first and foremost felt by vulnerable people and communities. The fight against climate change is therefore inextricably connected with our fight against social injustice. We strongly support the Paris Agreement, the international climate pact struck at the COP21 summit in December 2015, which meets our standards for an ambitious, binding, universal and dynamic agreement.  We want the EU to lead by example in climate protection with an ambitious Energy Union to decarbonise our economies.

Circular economy

The scarcity of natural resources and the environmental and social impact of extraction demand that we rethink our current economic model. Rather than a linear economy based on the process of “take-make-consume-dispose”, we strongly support the transition to a circular economy where products, components and materials are kept at their highest utility and value at all times and waste is considered a resource in its own right. The shift to a circular model also bears great potential for the creation of high-quality green jobs.