International Affairs & Cooperation


The Party of European Socialists is deeply involved in international issues. Europe has a major role to play on the international scene and must show its commitment to the rest of the world. Therefore, the PES supports and promotes democracy and stability outside our borders.

The PES is very committed to pursuing integration and reinforcing cooperation respectively with the Western Balkans and our Eastern neighbours. Dialogue is the best path to democracy, rule of law and peaceful societies. We are in regular dialogue with partners throughout the world, from US to China. The PES believes that fair and balanced trade agreements could promote peace and economic development: they must respect labour laws, social rights, environmental standards, and promote good relationships with European partners.

The PES also supports the EU development policy and its target to commit 0.7% of GNI to international aid. The EU's coordinated development policy is an advantage in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals. The PES is committed to making the world a safer place, a place of shared prosperity, and a place where human rights and human dignity are at the centre of our thinking and actions.

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