It is time for action, not software!

PES Women created fictional software to draw attention to online violence against women and girls

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Unfortunately, the Notorious Anti-Violence software does not exist. But the abuse, harassment and violent threats against women are real.

Online violence through social media is an everyday experience for women and girls. In Europe, 9 million girls have experienced some kind of cyber violence by the time they are 15 years old. Globally, women are 27 times more likely to be harassed online. This is not acceptable. It never has been.

If we do nothing, millions of women will continue to experience psychological, emotional and physical harm. This is a crisis. We cannot allow perpetrators to bully and silence women in online public spaces, to lure women into violent situations, drive them to depression or even to self-harm because society has not acted to stop online violence against women.

PES Women says it is time to act.

  • All of Europe must embrace, ratify and implement the Istanbul Convention – the first European multilateral legally binding agreement on curbing violence against women, including cyber violence and hate speech.
  • A specific instrument focusing on cyber violence and hate speech online against women at EU level.
  • Social media giants must clamp down on gendered abuse – so often reported, and too often ignored.
  • Governments must act – it is time every country focused on finding a solution by implementing concrete and binding legislation on ending online violence against women and girls.

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The PES Women Annual Conference on 21 November 2019 is dedicated to combating online violence against women and girls. The title of the event is Breaking the Silence on Online Violence Against Women

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