Employment & Social Affairs

Workers at a factory

In our electoral programme, we said it loud and clear: our top priority is that Europeans, women and men, must have decent jobs that allow good quality of life. We fight for a Europe that leaves no-one behind. Through education, training and social programmes when needed, everyone should be given a chance at a good life.

We work with our parties, ministers, prime ministers, experts, trade unions and NGOs all over the European Union to put forward proposals that improve the well-being of every citizen. We campaign to make sure these proposals are implemented and improve the reality in EU countries.

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Workers' rights in the digital economy

The digital economy is profoundly changing today’s world of work, our social and economic structures and the way we interact.

As socialists, it is our responsibility to ensure that the digital revolution benefits all parts of society, protects all workers equally and creates the same opportunities for everyone. This requires us to closely analyse the new realities created by the digital revolution.

Check our publication on "Workers' rights and social progress in the digital economy""


Progressive reforms

With its progressive reforms, the PES proposes a real alternative to the politics of cuts and lowest social standards. Gathering measures ranging from decent wages, quality public services, fair taxation, investment in education and clean technology, the PES programme for progressive reforms shapes a new social and economic model that supports growth and jobs, favours environmental, economic and social sustainability and reduces inequalities. With the Youth Guarantee, we have shown that another kind of reforms is possible, we are now ready to push for more.

Brochure on Progressive Reforms (FR, DE, ES, SL, BG), March 2016

Social Europe

Today, Europe is faced with huge challenges: creating quality jobs and growth, fighting poverty and social inequalities, empowering and protecting citizens, and fostering economic, social and territorial cohesion. The PES’ answer is clear: we fight for a more social Europe, for a Europe against inequalities, for a Europe of decent working conditions, and for a Europe of strong social protection. This is the vision the PES promotes and will push forward for the upcoming European pillar of social rights.

Strong Social standards

At PES we are convinced that the EU should ensure a high level of social standard, with a key role to be played by social partners. We insists on strong rules that guarantee all workers are protected and treated equally, that all workers have a decent job and a fair work-life balance. This is the vision we promote when it comes to wages, posting of workers, working-time, health and safety standards, workers’ rights and collective bargaining.