Youth & Education

Youth & Education

Together with its partners, the PES has launched a major campaign for a European Youth Plan to improve the prospects of young people across Europe. The Plan aims to tackle youth unemployment, improve the quality of education, provide good and accessible childcare to all families, and promote access to culture for all young people.

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The PES is fighting for a social Europe in which affordable access to education, jobs, culture and childcare becomes a reality for everyone, regardless of their financial means, social situation or ethnic background. Our European Youth Plan is made up of four key policies to help achieve these goals:


The ongoing economic crisis means Europe is at risk of seeing a ‘lost generation’ of young people suffering from long-term unemployment. In order to prevent this, we are calling for the existing EU Youth Guarantee to be sustained with €21 billion funding until 2020 and for its extension to all people up to the age of 30. In the longer term, we want this instrument to become a permanent tool of European employment policy.



We are already working with ministers of our member-parties to push for learning and educational programmes for citizens of all ages, increasing the number of mobility grants for students and educational personnel throughout Europe, and enhancing research and innovation. The European Youth Plan will build on this by broadening the ERASMUS programme to high school pupils and students in vocational training. In parallel, we want to see greater international harmonisation so that students achieve full recognition for skills and qualifications gained abroad.


We want to give more young people the chance to enjoy culture and the arts, fostering their creativity, critical thinking and understanding of the world. To this end, we aim to introduce a free European Culture Cheque for all young people: a voucher of a certain value to be spent on cultural activities.

Child rights

We want to ensure that children’s rights to healthcare, education, childcare, decent housing and adequate nutrition are put into practice throughout Europe. For this purpose, we are calling for the establishment of a European Child Guarantee, an international fund for policies that safeguard these rights in the future.