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Georgi Anastasov

Georgi Anastasov was born on 2 June 1957 in Sofia. He graduated from the University of National and International Economy in 1982 and specialised in Economics of industry. He has worked as an economist and manager of several corporations: Deputy financial-economical director of Stroymashingeneering (1988); Deputy financial-economical director of Coopstroyingeneering (1989); Manager of Kaloian Ltd. (1990-1997); President of Pirin’s children Foundation; President of Ligue of the managers of little and middle companies (1995-2001). He has been member of the leadership of the party since the renewal of its activities in 1989. He has been a member of the Executive Bureausince 1997. He was elected First Vice-president of the party in 1998. He has been a Member of Parliament and Parliamentary secretary since 2001. As from March 2002, Georgi Anastasov is President of the BSDP.

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