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In the name of Democracy

Today there are 226 days* to go until the polling stations across Europe open for the European Parliament Election 2014.

We will enter the election campaign as a united, coherent and modern political family. In order to reach this goal we took a historic decision to bring the European democracy a giant step forward in 2009.

Four years ago, the PES congress decided that we should propose one common candidate for the position of European Commission President in 2014. Ever since the resolution was adopted, PES member parties have been working with PES treasurer Ruairi Quinn on the drafting of a process to select our common candidate. Resulting in the adoption of a competitive, flexible, democratic and transparent process, designed for one or more candidates competing for the member parties vote. On 1 October the nomination process opened and will close on 31 October.

The PES presidency on 6 November will formally announce the nominated candidates. The results of the votes of member parties and organizations will be aggregated at the PES Congress, where one common PES candidate will be elected. Exciting times ahead.


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