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No more borders, only together can Europe resolve crisis

PR_DAL20160316BXL-2152.jpgProgressive forces today held a demonstration beside the EU Council to draw attention to the fate of men, women and children fleeing war, and to call on European heads of states and governments to show solidarity and responsibility to save lives, save Schengen and save Europe.

Sergei Stanishev, the President of the Party of European Socialists said at the event:

“As progressives we condemn the building of fences and walls and the reintroduction of borders to keep people in need out of Europe. We don’t need more walls in Europe, we’ve had enough. We believe that the Schengen area is the emblem of the European idea, the free movement of people between our countries.

No country should be left behind, this is the time to support Greece. Their problems are our problems. We must find a quick and cohesive European solution to the refugee crisis. Unilateral responses and actions by individual European States do not reflect the European Union of 21st  century.”

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