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Partia Socialiste e Shqipërisë

Party name: Socialist Party – PSS
Country: Albania
Acronym: PSS
Type: Associate
Party leader: Edi Rama
National Parliament head of group: Gramoz Ruçi
Status of the Party: In power
Last general elections date: 23/06/2013
Last general elections results: 57.63%

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PES and PSS Albanie news

PSS Leader, Edi Rama

PSS Leader, Edi Rama

The Party of European Socialists (PES) warmly welcomes the provisional outcome of the Albanian elections held on Sunday 23rd  of June, which indicates a landslide victory of the Albanian Socialist Party (PSS), associate party of the PES.

However, the PES strongly condemns the violent incident that took place during the voting day in which an opposition activist was killed and a candidate was seriously injured.

At the conclusion of the PES Balkan Conference, socialist and social democratic leaders from the European Union and the Western Balkans signed a declaration between the representatives that called for “a new momentum of EU membership (and) a process back on track”. This renewed focus on accession to the EU aims to create strong and wealthy economies in the region. The PES family is committed to supporting the Western Balkans in “its steady progress on the path to EU membership”.

PES Balkan Conference

PES Balkan Conference

Today at the PES Balkan Conference in Shkodra, Albania a new agreement of cooperation was signed between Edi Rama, the leader of the Albanian Socialist Party and Ilir Meta, leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration – LSI. The agreement allows the parties to campaign together for the upcoming parliamentary elections on 23 June 2013.

The Party of European Socialists (PES) calls for full respect of legal and constitutional safeguards in Albania.

It is deplorable that, in a democracy, electoral results are put in question. The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) should not have decided to recount the votes, as the counting process had been done under the supervision of both parties, and the victory of Edi Rama (Socialist Party of Albania, SPA) over Democratic Party (DP) candidate Lulzim Basha had been declared. Formal appeals have been filed by PES member party SPA.

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