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PES Prime Ministers urge deal on Greece

Prime Ministers and Heads of State of the Party of European Socialists have met ahead of the European Council meeting in Brussels this afternoon. They urged further progress towards a deal on Greek debt between the Greek Government and Eurozone countries, the IMF and the ECB. Aware of the difficult negotiations they reaffirmed their commitment to Greece remaining in the Eurozone. The current precarious situation is bad for Greece and for Europe, and an urgent conclusion to it is essential.

Sergei Stanishev, PES President said of this: "The Greek people have undoubtedly suffered the brunt of this crisis. For them, and for others in Europe, it is time that a deal is reached so that stability can be restored." He added: "The PES has always maintained that Greece belongs in the Euro and that has not changed now. We look forward to seeing a swift and comprehensive agreement for all concerned."

The issue of Migration, and in particular the grave situation in the Mediterranean, was also discussed. The Prime Ministers all agreed that a more sustainable solution to this issue, which prevents more deaths, and allows for different paths of legal migration, must be found.

Following the Five Presidents Report on the European Monetary Union (EMU), the European Council will discuss the reform of Europe’s common monetary policy. The PES is calling for a progressive reform which focuses on the impact on people of the EMU.

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